Hello and welcome to Drive on the left

We are Drew and Julie, serial American expats. We use our little corner of the internet to inspire all travellers, armchair explorers, wanderlusters, and those whose travel itch needs a little scratching.

Like many enthusiastic American travelers, we used to take cherished but infrequent vacations to far flung destinations. But like so many young professionals, our careers beckoned and we got busy climbing corporate ladders in Portland, Maine and New York City. Life was good, but stressful. Drew’s career as a restaurant manager became increasingly soul-sucking (Julie’s description). He snuck in from work every night past midnight and Julie crept out bright and early in the morning to her world of marketing consulting.

In 2013 fate intervened, and Julie’s company offered her the chance to take an expat position in the UK.

We said no.

we're moving to china!

To be fair, Julie had just agreed to another role and was afraid of disappointing people by considering the move. Drew had also recently moved to a new restaurant that was understaffed. Despite our decision to stay put, after a month of back-office negotiations, Julie’s opportunity to move to the UK was back on the table.

This time we said yes.

A few months later, we packed up our shoe box apartment, and hopped across the pond. London was good to us and we spent three blissful years traveling around Europe and perfecting our British accents. In late 2016, we said ‘cheerio’ to our dear London, and took off on nearly eight months of traveling before settling into a new assignment in Shenzhen, China.

Now we have Asia on our doorstep and a whole new culture to explore, so join us!

Welcome! We’re glad to have you!