People visit Bloomington for a variety of reasons.

For most, the university is the draw. With nearly 50,000 students, faculty and staff, Indiana University can’t help but attract visitors of many types. Some people mention to me that they’ve been to Bloomington on a road trip or have ‘passed through’ which is difficult to do, but admirable in any case.

I grew up in Bloomington. Near Bryan Park, more specifically. For me it’s a city of ghosts. I know who used to live in way too many houses and when talking about a location, it’s best to lead with what was there in 1999, the year I left town and the barometer against which my entire geographic knowledge is based.

Lately, I’ve been in Bloomington a lot. We’re using my parents’ house as a bit of a home base before we move again, and it’s been nice to see the city from a vantage point that includes more than the house where I grew up. This time around I’ve been trying the city on for size as an outsider, a traveler.

Turns out there’s plenty of things to do in Bloomington. Here’s exactly what I would recommend for the uninitiated.


IU Sports

Indiana University has been churning out world class athletes for ages. From swimming to baseball to the less formal but enchanting Little 500 bike race, it’s hard not to develop Hoosier spirit if you’re in town for any time at all.

Like most places in Indiana, basketball is king. Going to a home game is top priority for many people and should be for you, too. Early in the season, it’s fairly easy to get tickets, online or in-person at the ticket office. Later in the season, games are regularly sold out and tickets go for a massive premium (like $200 each for a recent weekend game I was researching).

In Indiana, where scalping tickets is legal, you can also just show up at the game a few minutes before tipoff and buy tickets from one of the many vendors in front of the stadium.

Things to Do in Bloomington, Indiana: Catching some of IU's most storied treasure: basketball

Things to Do in Bloomington, Indiana: tip-off at an IU basketball game at Alumni Hall

Things to Do in Bloomington, Indiana: The IU championship banners at Alumni Hall

The B-Line

The B-line is an old section of train track turned paved trail that has become its own little center of city development. The three mile stretch weaves past one of my favorite enclaves of new houses, a fantastic coffee shop, a distillery, and that’s before you even reach the busy downtown.

Local artists have been commissioned for projects along the walkway, as well.

A great afternoon would be to start near the south entrance, and walk or bike up leisurely, stopping at every shop, cafe and bar as you make your way to the top. In addition to Hopscotch Coffee and Cardinal Spirits, I recommend taking a peek at WonderLab, the children’s science museum where I volunteered in high school, Relish (an amazing upscale clothing store, homeware store, everything store) and Rainbow Bakery, a vegan bakery serving up great treats with a side of Ms. Pac-Man.

Things to Do in Bloomington, Indiana: The B-Line, the new walking trail in the heart of Bloomington

Things to Do in Bloomington, Indiana: fun and funky homes along the B-Line

Things to Do in Bloomington, Indiana: The Cardinal Distillery along the B-Line

Things to Do in Bloomington, Indiana: The vegan Rainbow bakery

Things to Do in Bloomington, Indiana: grabbing a coffee along the B-Line at Hopscotch Coffee

Kirkwood Avenue

When I was growing up, ‘going downtown’ meant one thing: walking up and down E. Kirkwood Avenue, from the Sample Gates (the entrance to the university) to the city square, about 5 blocks. On Kirkwood, we had everything: two movie theaters (both no longer typical theaters), The Den where I could get a 64 oz. Coke for $0.99 (to the horror of my parents), and Jiffy Treat, the best ice cream shop in town.

These days, Kirkwood is still the heart of the city, but the major highlights have changed.

I’m a regular at the huge public library, The PourHouse Cafe is a nice addition for studying students (and it’s a nonprofit to boot!), and it’s always a laugh to go to Greetings, a store with funny gag gifts and tons of hilarious greeting cards.

Things to Do in Bloomington, Indiana: Kirkwood Ave, the main drag for the IU campus

Things to Do in Bloomington, Indiana: Kirkwood Ave, the main drag for the IU campus

Local Eats

We joke that there’s only one place to go to eat in Bloomington: the Uptown Cafe. It’s the place where my family goes for every holiday, birthday, and special occasion. I’m sure other families have their place, but the Uptown has been around my entire life and is a Bloomington staple. They specialize in Creole cuisine and in the bar area, they play every English Premiere League football match, which is where Drew has spent many an early morning.

On the breakfast front, the perennial favorite is Village Deli, but we’ve found a renewed love for the Runcible Spoon, less than a block away. The Spoon is packed for weekend breakfasts if you get there too late, but just arrive before 9am or so and you’ll get a seat no problem.

This being a college town, there are lots of pizza options, and the best by far are Mother Bear’s and Aver’s. We like to go to Mother Bear’s in the winter to sit near the fireplace and Avers is the best for unique flavor combinations and delivery.

A few other townie favorites are: Trojan Horse, Lenni’s, Laughing Planet Cafe, Cafe Pizzeria, Siam House, Little Zagreb, and the many ethnic restaurants that have found a home in this giant multi-cultural center.

They are ever changing but I love that a town in Indiana has an Eritrean restaurant.

Things to Do in Bloomington, Indiana: cookies and tarts at Hopscotch Coffee

Things to Do in Bloomington, Indiana: perfectly cooked eggs at the Runcible Spoon

Things to Do in Bloomington, Indiana: Cafe Pizzaria, one of the oldest spots in Bloomington

Get Outta Town

If city life, or dorm life, has you down, it’s easy to get a little shot of nature within a short drive. Bloomington is surrounded on all sides by, well, not much.

The local lakes are: Lake Monroe, Lake Lemon and Lake Griffy. Monroe is big enough for a small beach and boat rentals. Griffy is closest to town and has several short hikes from the main parking lot.

It’s a rare visit to Bloomington that doesn’t involve at least one drive out to a lake for some downtime.

Slightly further afield is Nashville, a small town in neighboring Brown County. I remember it best as a little strip of gift shops, antiques and a great ice cream place that had blue ice cream. But there is also the Brown County Playhouse, local Brown County State Park and this nice change of scenery is just twenty minutes down the road.

Things to Do in Bloomington, Indiana: one of the many open parks around Bloomington

Bloomington may have a reputation as crazy college party town, or as a tiny blue dot in an otherwise overwhelmingly red state. Whatever has you coming our way, this multi-cultural haven in Indiana is certainly worth a visit.

It turns out that despite what my 13-year-old-self thought, there are lots of things to do in Bloomington!

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  • February 5, 2017

    I’ve never thought of visiting Bloomington, Indiana… until now! Great photography that captures such a clean, colorful, and sports loving town! The food looks amazing, too!
    Tae recently posted…Hiking Mt. Rinjani: The Sweet FinishMy Profile

    • February 5, 2017

      it’s on the way to nowhere, but if you are anywhere near Indy, it’s worth a side trip!

  • February 5, 2017

    Looking at Bloomington I can’t help but find it a perfect mixture of classic Americana mixed in with modern thought and change. It’s like a town that has its history but also wants to be in touch with the present… all this in a charming way. Loved the photos which are very dramatic and it must be so different visiting your hometown after such a long time and actually staying there and experiencing it all over again?

    • February 5, 2017

      spending extending time in your old hometown is always interesting. Luckily, Bloomington is actually pretty fun!

  • February 5, 2017

    This is my first time to hear about this place and I love the artsy vibe, especially that blue house. So cool!

    • February 5, 2017

      yeah, its a quirky college town. An oasis in Indiana, that’s for sure!

  • February 6, 2017

    I have heard about Bloomington but never been there before. Were you there during off season?

    • February 6, 2017

      The ‘off season’ in a college town is probably summer. Or over any school break. But yes, since I grew up there, I was there during all times of year. These photos were mostly taken during the winter, though!

  • February 6, 2017

    Sounds like you’ve been making the most of your time at home and exploring with new eyes! I didn’t know much about Bloomington before reading this, but now I want to visit. I love a good college town!
    Jen Joslin recently posted…Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel ReviewMy Profile

    • February 6, 2017

      I love college towns too – Madison and Ann Arbor are two of my favorites!

  • February 6, 2017
    Carol Colborn

    You have painted Bloomington very well, with your photos and writing. It is a wonderful town. We were there in 2011.

  • February 6, 2017

    Great, local view on Bloomington. I’ll admit I had never heard of it before reading this, but it has a lot going on. Love the idea of the local artists exhibit along the walkway. Those houses are so cute too and seem very American to a non-American. Lovely piece.

    • February 6, 2017

      Thx – I’ll admit, it’s not a place you would randomly end up, so unless you have have a family member or friend at the university, it probably wouldn’t be on your radar. You know, unless you were obsessed with college basketball 🙂

  • February 7, 2017

    Bloomington looks so quaint and beautiful. Sports, colorful houses and yummy food. It seems to have covered all the bases!

  • February 8, 2017

    I did not know anything about Bloomington before this (I’m not really a sports fan). This looks like such a charming town.
    Mags recently posted…How to Stopover in Abu DhabiMy Profile